This is where I should be, Le Cap D’Agde with with family.

Update, I am back there now, but for how long who can say?


Don’t ask me what the Admin Code is and don’t ask me what I had for breakfast, I wouldn’t be able to tell you. But go back years even decades and I can remember everything, in vivid detail. Well, nearly everything. I shall add to the essay as I go on, and on, and on.

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sunI am retired from business, but not as yet from life. My objective is to stay alive long enough to return the the South of France.

I am currently in Limbo, AKA Krefeld.

I hold 2 people responsible for my dilema.

One is an arrogant beer swilling fag sucking rubber faced British Bulldog with a French family name.

The other a pompous well heeled porker from the other side of the tracks.

You swine!

A big fan of yours

548854_214723585294248_291458069_nI don’t have anyone else to ask to write a second testimonial…

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